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Download Gumbleville Launcher For Windows

Connectivity. Browse the Web.

With Gumbleville Launcher, you can browse the Web like never before. We have created a user-friendly and elegant, yet feature packed experience, that will help you make the most of the Internet. This is great for little children or people who are just beginning to grasp the concepts and general knowledge of using a computer. G. Launcher can also be an interesting playground for people who are well familiar with using a Computer. Connectivity also plays a big role in Gumbleville Launcher, helping you always stay up to-date.

Be Social

All of your Social Networks are built right into Gumbleville Launcher through the Social Hub. This way you will never forget your friends' birthday or your parents' anniversary. Gumbleville Launcher also combines all of your networks into one, so that you do not have to search through all of them (a.k.a make your life easier).

Be in Control.

Ever found your computer's settings app more like a jungle than a helpful tool? Gumbleville Launcher gives you all the power you need to get the most out of your computer in a easy to use settings app, controlling a few functions like background wallpaper, etc. 


Gumbleville Launcher comes built in with many productivity apps, making people realize the normal basic capabilities of a computer. For tech-savvy people, these are a great place to explore and play around, with updates always rolling around the corner for even more exciting stuff.


Our Store is full of great, easy to use apps, that you will love. Get them with just one click, and remove them with just one click-as according to your wishes. App management has never been this simple. Our Team picks the best apps for you and we only feature apps that get through adequate security standards. (Explanation Note for the know-it-all I.T geniuses: We implement PowerPoint Presentation apps, along with visual basic code in our launcher to provide an interactive experience beyond the limits of primary PowerPoint functions.)

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More Information:

Gumbleville Launcher works best in PowerPoint 2013, 2016, and with a non-web based Office 365 Subscription. That is, due to use of macros, and visual basic scripts integrated into the PowerPoint, some of which only run on the latest versions of Office. After all, the first-hand tools in PowerPoint are limited, and to make the experience more interactive, it is necessary to utilize all the extra options that we have. In Office 2007 and below, compatibility and quality issues have been found. We will try to release a basic version at some point with styling, animations, and macros that are compatible on all versions of Office. Thank-you for your understanding!

An all-versions downloads list will be added soon, giving public access to downloads of older versions!


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