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Apple-Microsoft Tech Quiz

1. When did Microsoft release X-box..yes, no, not x-box One, just X-box! The first one! When did they release it?
500 A.D

2. Without Microsoft, would i-phones still exist?
Maybe, but the I-P-A-D definetely would
Yeah, I think so
No, obviously not
I-phones don't exist
What the heck is Microsoft? A toilet paper company? A yarn factory? A person?

3. What is great about the I-phone 6s, from the the original I-phone 6?
What in the world does I-Phone mean? What kind of a name is that, are you trying to be funny?
Iphone 6S = Iphone 6 Same. Same thing
It offers more productivity, speed, and power reinforced by 3D touch and some other enhancements.
Nobody cares about the iphone 6, the Iphone 7 is out already.
No idea, I'm hooked on a blackberry bro

4. When did you first get access to the internet?
when I was 3 months old
When I was in early childhood, 3 to 8 years old
When I was between 9 and 13.5
When I was between 14 and 18
20 plus

5. When did Microsoft do a complete turnaround in their windows line with windows 8?
Somewhere in the 20th Century

6. When did hololens come out to the public?

7. How much loss did Microsoft encounter at the launch of Surface? (first generation)
2 Million
3 billion
made profits, no losses
1.2 billion

8. Are satya nadella and his team cooking up apple at this point?
Yep, windows 10 gonna kill it.
Nope, once somebody buys an apple product they get drugged and always buy apple no matter what.
As long as people like apples, they will always love apple
As long as people put windows in their house, they will put windows in that plastic-metal scrap sitting on their desk, also.

9. Do you brutally destroy someone's soul every time you buy an iphone?
crap, no
I hope not!
I do it, I know it, and I like it
Possibly, yes
It happens everytime I buy an I-P-A-D

10. When was Office 2016 launched?
In 2016
In 2014
In 2015
not here yet
Office 2013 was the last one

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